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The ministry of industry and information technology reminds the website sponsor to record the website through formal channels

The ministry of industry and information technology in the official website released the latest news, remind the website sponsor through the formal channels for the website record, the ministry of industry and information technology official website record work without any form of "quick record", and do not charge any fees, beware of being cheated.Webmaster network editor noticed that, recently a period of time often have webmaster reflect their website record number was unjustifably cancelled, this may be with the record number is through someone for the record or their own record information and website host identity is not consistent, wrong contact.In view of the ministry of industry and information technology archival filing center provisions of the filing process is more complex, many individual webmaster through the network some agents archival units or individuals to the website fast record, according to the speed of the record time, prices from 150 to 350.Because many proxy filing is in operation, in terms of reputation and without any warranty, once for the record number is cancelled, the website domain name will be immediately remove white list, idc business website will not normal visit, website founder bring different degree of loss, so many personal adsense is also looking for overseas host questions from the record, the author also suggests the related leadership department simplify the registration process, support more entrepreneurial youth entrepreneurship through the Internet.